Mercury - Active EAS

DetecTag is pleased to introduce the next generation of EAS solutions for retailers in North America with our partnership with Forsec. Mercury is the most secure & advanced 'Retail Security Solution' on the planet and is distinctively different from traditional, passive EAS systems. Here's a few features that set Mercury Digital EAS solutions apart.

  • Mercury cannot be removed by a thief in-store without triggering the alarm
  • Mercury is immune to any current shoplifting tools and tricks
  • Mercury triggers the alarm on articles that are on the way out, before a crime is even committed
  • Mercury aids in the recovery of stolen items by continuously alarming the tag after it leaves the store.
  • Mercury uses digitally assigned tags and will not alarm from any passive tag completely eliminating false alarms due to “tag pollution”
  • Mercury tags can only be “deactivated” with their own unique digital code re-setters
  • Mercury can securely cover a wide exit / entrance with a single antenna
  • Mercury integrates flawlessly into any modern retail environment
  • Mercury produces ultra low radiation of less than 1/5 of the industry standard, creating a safe environment for staff and customers
  • Mercury solutions have proved flawless over several years and hundreds of installations across Asia and Northern Europe
  • Mercury typically produces a reduction in theft related shrinkage of 97 - 100%

Mercury EAS is based on intelligent active tags instead of the traditional EAS systems which use passive technology. This means that any tools used by current professional shoplifters are infective. Mercury has proved a great success in many high end retail markets from high fashion and designer accessories to electronics, automotive, tools, hardware and even toys. None of our clients to date, have reported their Mercury solution being evaded or failing, EVER. Simply put it is the most effective system on the market today bar none.

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Mercury - Active EAS
Mercury Active EAS is a new technology promising a new level of protection.

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Active EAS in Action
Mercury Active EAS is a new technology promising a new level of protection.

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Mercury Active EAS is a new technology promising a new level of protection.