Can I have a system without the antennas?

Although it is physically possible to make an EAS system without the antennas at the exit, research has shown that the antennas themselves act as visual deterrents making it much more effective compared to an invisible system. As because some retailers want to mask the presence of EAS antennas, we designed the EASy-Ad model so that the antenna doubles as an advertising holder. In addition there are lots of other options available to fit any store decor .

How do I protect clothing on display outside my store?

Since the merchandise is displayed out of the store, putting on a tag will only make the system alarm when people bring it in to pay for it. So, one way to protect it is to use ink-tags. These tags won't make an alarm but if someone tries to remove the tag it will break a beaker of permanent ink ruining the clothing. It can be safely removed only with a detacher.

Can people bring a tag above the system and not make it alarm?

Our systems are made to produce an alarm for tags in any position (unlike some other systems in the market) and our antennas are tall enough that it covers most people. In addition our detection field extends above the antenna making it impossible for anyone to bring a tag above the system unnoticed.

How long does it take to do an install?

A typical single antenna install takes between 2-3 hours depending on the store layout. It may take longer if there are problems to overcome such as old electronic devices interfering with the system.

What kind of power requirements do the systems have?

All our antennas use a 12V AC 0.5A power adaptor. We do require that there is an open power plug somewhere fairly close to the system. In some older buildings it may be required to run a new power line to the system.

Will the system work if there is no power?

No, the system requires power in order to function. We can install an optional external alarm that will alert you if power is cut to the system, but in most cases you will notice if you have no power in your store.

Can I bring my system with me if I move.

Our antennas can be moved and they are self-adjusting so installation is often very easy. However we do sometimes have to perform a few manual adjustments when we install a system. Therefore it is possible for you to move it but I would recommend you have us install it.

What kind of warranty and support do you provide?

All our products carry a industry leading 3 years warranty and cover all defects except for physical abuse to the products. In addition we are committed to customer satisfaction so we will perform repairs on our product as long as parts are available while also providing full life time support.