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1. Holds Posters in A2 size Width (42cm) and 139cm long (17” by 54 3/4”)
2. Slim version holds posters in A3 size width ( 29.7cm) and 139cm long (12” x 54 3/4”)
3. Lockable Snap Profiles for easy security
4. Built in high powered Alarm LED’s & Buzzer
5. Set Frequency Available from 1.81-8.2MHz
6. Self adjusting antennas for superior range and minimum false alarms
7. Up to 12 antennas installed simultaneously without additional components or synchronization cables
8. Relay output for external alarm or other applications such as CCTV camera
9. Durable aluminum construction, manufactured entirely in Canada.
10. 3 year warranty


The EASy-Ad has a built in advertising system which will bring your storefront to life. The antenna allows you to fully integrate the store security with your marketing effort. Using standard sized posters its easy to advertise events, promotions or simply the stores logo.

The EASy-Ad has snap profiles on the side that holds the posters in place and a protective anti-glare cover. The panels can even be locked to prevent any authorized removal of posters.

The system is available in a wide variety of popular frequencies. The system can even be made to work with existing tags already used thereby allowing for an inexpensive upgrade.

The EASy-AD is a stand alone mono system meaning that both the transmitter and receiver are combined into one antenna. This makes it possible to cover smaller door openings with just one antenna. In larger door openings multiple antennas can be used, or a lower cost RX antenna can be installed in conjunction with the system to focus the detection between the two. (see below for illustrations

The EASy-Ad anti-shoplifting system is made in Canada using Canadian parts and has a 3 year warranty. Since it is made in house we can modify the height of the EASy-Ad to suit your needs.

Note: Detection Range will depend on type of tag used as well as noise conditions. Generally the larger the tag the better the detection. The above illustrations are using Standard Hard Tag in 4.8MHz measured in our showroom