DETECTAG SAFETY has been producing RF Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-shoplifting products for retail loss prevention since 1990. Our commitment has always been on providing quality products that are easy to use and helps reduce shrinkage. Our systems are the greenest EAS hardware to grace the shores of India. The Easy-Ad antennas consume the lowest amount of electricity in the market, till date. It has always been our philosophy at Detectag Safety to design & develop products with high efficiency & we have humbly traded this path for many years now.

By bringing down electricity consumption & thereby reducing power bills for our customers, we would like to be known for our continuous endeavor towards reducing environmental pollution, and also for our contribution to the welfare of mankind and the planet at large.

Interestingly, in spite of our determined efforts to make the greenest EAS on earth, our systems have always remained market leaders in terms of performance also. And splendidly, the end customer has benefited the most from this. Our system promises to be the best "Value for money EAS" in the market and Detectag Safety's philosophy is to partner with the Indian retailer to develop the most efficient and effective pilferage control system for them.

Our solutions fall under the following categories -
EAS System
Retail Anti Theft System
Anti Shoplifting System
Security Gate
Sensor Gate
RF Hard Tag
Magnetic Detacher
Wine Shop Anti Theft System
Library Anti Theft System
Libary RFID
Barcode Printer
Barcode Scanner