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1. Transceiver System—Single antenna can cover smaller door openings.
2. Available RX antennas
3. Frequency adjustments from 1.81-8.2MHz
4. Self adjusting antennas for superior range and minimum false alarms
5. Integrated alarm indication through buzzer and light
6. Up to 12 antennas installed simultaneously without additional components or synchronization cables
7. Relay output for external alarm or other applications such as CCTV camera
8. Durable construction, manufactured entirely in Canada.
9. 3 year warranty


The Aurora antenna is physically smaller than the Concord antenna but has an additional cross bar which allows for a more uniform detection. The antenna is made of out steel tubing with alarm identification at the top. It is available in three standard colours of Black, White and Chrome with custom colours available on special order.

The system is a stand alone mono system meaning that both the transmitter and receiver are combined into one antenna making it possible to cover smaller door openings using a single antenna. In larger entrances multiple antennas or a lower cost RX antenna can be installed in conjunction with the system to focus the detection between the two. (see below for illustrations)

The Aurora is made entirely in Canada and carry a 3 year warranty.

Material: Steel tubing
Standard Frequencies: 1.81MHz 2.0MHz, 3.25MHz, 4.6MHz, 4.8Mhz, 8.2Mhz
Colours: Black, White, Chrome
Custom colours available on request
Height: 163cm
Width: 33cm
Depth: 12cm
Power: 12V AC 500mA
Alarm: Variable tone and light, along with relay output

Note: Detection Range will depend on type of tag used as well as noise conditions. Generally the larger the tag the better the detection. The above illustrations are using Standard Hard Tag in 4.8MHz measured in our showroom