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   1. Optional dual deactivator available.
   2. Switchable deactivation and non-deactivation tones.
   3. Volume Control for tones.
   4. Pass/Fail LED indicators on Pad and Deactivator.
   5. Sensitivity Control.
   6. 3 modes: Deactivation, Counter Checker, Diagnostics mode.
   7. “Under the Counter” Pad also available.
   8. 3 year warranty on all electronics.

The Detectag Deactivators are designed to be used at the point of purchase to deactivate any sized paper label tag quickly and confidently. It is compatible with all 8.2MHz RF anti-shoplifting systems and does not require any connecting cables for synchronization. A 4.8MHz deactivator is also available.

The deactivator is available with one or two pad connections. There are several pads available including an under the counter-mounted (for non-metallic counters) or a countertop pad.

The deactivator is quick and easy to install and includes a mounting kit.