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BioTrap N95 mask works on the principle of (Filtration + Adsorption + Killing/inactivation of the contacting microbes), while normal masks like N95 works only on the principle of filtration of microbes.

Since normal N95 masks works on filtration principle, it will have active microbes on the surface after usage, while in case of BioTrap face N95 mask they will be inactivated due to salt, curcumin (turmeric) and vitamin E, by the known mechanisms of osmolysis, microbicidal activities.

Non-woven Outer layer: 1st

It is water repelling layer, and it will not allow to enter any arerosol/mist to be penetrated, as major respiratory viral diseases are spread through the sneezing and coughing by the infected person.

Salt Layer: 2nd

It contains very high salt concentration. If any microbe is able to penetrate through Layer-1, then it will come in contact of salts, which will absorb all the water from the microorganism and Responsible for Osmatic imbalance for cell lysis further will inactivate/kill it.

Activated Layer: 3rd

It contains the same fabric used in N95 masks, and additionally It contains Vitamin-E and Curcumin from Turmeric. The Enveloped virus and bacteria which
contains lipid bi-layer at their periphery which is oily in nature. Vitamin – E being oily in nature will enable hydrophobic adsorption of the microbes, and it will
kill/inactivate them based on anti-oxidant activity of Vitamin-E. Additionally it contains dissolved Curcumin, which possess broad-spectrum anti-bacterial and antiviral activity, which will again ensure killing of the microbes.

Salt Layer: 4th

This is similar to Layer 2. When infected person wears the mask, layer 4 will absorb all the water from the microorganism and Responsible for Osmatic imbalance for cell lysis further will inactivate/kill it.

Non-woven Inner layer: 5th

These are similar to Layer 1 . When infected person wears the mask, layer 5 will not allow aerosol/sneeze/mist of the infected person to pass through the barrier to outside.

Product Description

What is BioTrap N95 Face Mask?

The Bio Trap N95 face mask or so-called N95 respirator is an airborne particulate-filtering facepiece respirator meeting the criteria set by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, which are currently regulating them worldwide. N95 classifies as an air filtration mask, which is capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles at a time. These aren’t regular masks as they consist of an optional valve, great enough for reducing breathing resistance during exhalation, according to the CDC Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The Bio Trap N95 Face Mask, if broken down into its scientific form, carries N, which is a Respirator Rating Letter Class and stands for “Non-Oil” that is it contains no oil-based particles and hence is viable for the work environment. The 95 at the end has an efficiency percent for safety from airborne particulates.

The material of an N95 mask is an electrostatic non-woven polypropylene fiber which is a great filtration material. These masks are in limelight due to the ongoing pandemic situation COVID 19.

What is an N95 mask used for?

N95 respirators, in addition to surgical masks (or face masks), are some of the common examples of personal protective equipment these days(COVID 19) that are in utilization to protect the individual wearing it from airborne particles and contaminating liquid fluids on the face.

If worn properly, the N95 mask meant to help in blockage of large-particle droplets, sprays, splashes, or splatter that may or may not contain germs (such as viruses and bacteria). It can keep airborne particles from reaching your mouth and nose; hence is a great protective measure as proven by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health which are regulating these masks. N95 masks may also help to reduce exposure of the saliva and respiratory secretions to other individuals to protect them from viruses such as in the current scenario.

The (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t suggest the public to wear N95 respirators to protect themselves from any respiratory diseases, including COVID-19 or coronavirus. These are critical short supplies that must be reserved for health care workers plus medical first responders such as nurses, doctors, etc., as recommended by current CDC guidance.

Additionally, the mask comes with the elastic straps for your head with an adjustable nose clip. Its long-lasting and longevity is worthwhile paying off as even when it’s dirty black, it catches 98% of PM2.5. You can brush off and reuse it, but remember not to wash it as it will lose its efficiency.